Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just ducking out.....

Now I know I should be working, but when you have a few vintage stores within walking distance and you have a lunch break….yep that’ right you just have to go and check it out.

Part of me thinks just how much can I a) fit in my luggage and b) is it worth planning another trip to buy up and then resell my great finds that I can’t fit.

I picked up a very similar dress like this at the Salvo’s for ….wait for it….$10. What more could you want? A great retro dress, cheap and in great condition, hence why I just had to have it. This reminds me of what my buddy AK always says “you never know what gems you’ll find unless you hunt through the racks”. And this time it paid off, now to add a few petticoats to this and the right shoes and off we go!

Why do I shop at Op-shops? Firstly it reminds us that one persons trash is another’s treasure, and secondly when you shop there you are actually helping the non-for profit that owns it. For instance by buying dresses I adore I can help the RSPCS, Salvation Army, Oxfam, St Vinnies and various other oraginisations. Each dollar I give them and not a mass produced big chain can help them do what they do best, help others in a worse situation than me. Sure I do shop in vintage stores and help the independent owners to make a living but I just think it is good to help everyone. So next time your walking past an op-shop have a look in you will never know what you can find.


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