Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you go down to the woods today......

If you go down to the woods today your in for a big surprise....there are polar bears and dragons! Well that's what I found when I made my way to Build a Bear with a voucher in hand. For those of you who don't know Build a bear is a kids shop where you get to create your own bear from scratch so each bear that leaves is personally designed and yes a bit of fun.

Step 1. Find a furry friend that makes you smile. For me it was this super cute dragon and fluffy white polar bear. As you can see to start with they have no filling so its a great time to check out the faces and feel of these new super cute friends. They have bears, monkeys, dragons, horses, dogs and cats to choose from all with their own unique charm and cuddleness.
Step 2. Once you have chosen your animal you get to choose how soft or firm the filling is so you can get just the right amount of cuddle factor from them. You also get to give them a heart which as a microchip meaning if you do loose your new friend and they find their way back to the Build a bear stores you will be called to pick up your lost friend.

Step 3. SHOPPING! From here you can play dress ups with your new pal. I went for cute little dresses for my polar bear, but you can choose anything from sports uniforms or even Star Wars costumes.

May the force be with you

Step 4. Once dressed you get to name them, and you even get a birth certificate for them. HOW CUTE!!!!! My dragon became Firebug and the bear Snowdrop.

Step 5. Home time for your new friends. They even come with their own little cubby house (box) all ready for you to color in and make your own. So I'm now off to introduce the lastest additions to my other bears and have a much needed cup of tea.

Ok so I embraced my inner child today, but hey if you can't be a kid now and then whats the point. If you don't think you can go get your niece, nephew etc and use them as the excuse for a bit of fun.


Midnight87 said...

Dolly sweetness, i need to be introduced to the build a bear place pleaseness :D

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