Friday, August 13, 2010

And the bride wore

Its no secret I adore vintage fashion and after a trip not so long ago to a fair I was inspired to start looking more at vintage wedding gowns. There are so many stores around at the moment where you can find every style you ever dreamed of in a huge range of colours, but if you’re your looking for isn’t around now, in fact it’s a case of ‘so old fashioned’ as some bridal store clerks might say. In this case you head to your seamstress and say you want something classic but you need an image to work off. Of course these dresses are also unique and beautiful at the same time so you need to find your era and own style.

For most its about the lines, the cut and 'vibe' that comes from these gowns. For me that includes the idea that the gown is the start of your married life and the hopes/dreams that come along with it. In some aspects the vintage gown can make you feel as if the simple hopes of a bygone era are with you. In short love, happiness and a life together. Not so much the giant weddings where you end up in debt before you've begun.
So I say embrace the beauty of the past and look towards your own joyful future.


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