Sunday, August 8, 2010

online shopping

Sure you can go to any major shopping centre and pick up a dress you like but why not look further a field. In the modern world we can find so many things that lay beyond our own doorsteps. Like these gowns I found in the USA.

Ok so you have to have a little faith to ensure that you are getting what you see, but with faith comes question in my experience. So be bold and ask sellers (ebay or stores) about what you actually buying just like you would in any physical store. Not sure what to ask, well here is a starting list for you - What size is on the manufactures label?

- Measurements of garment and ask for both CM and inches,
this way you can be sure.

- Condition, new with tags/without tags/second hand/factory second/sample

- Return/refund policy including who is to pay for the
postage if return/refund required

- Postage cost and type, express/registered/normal/airmail/seamail/courier

- Payment methods Direct debit/credit cards/paypal.
Personally I like paypal as you can trade with ebay sellers
and smaller traders with the security of not giving out your
credit/bank details and they have insurance on items.

- Check to see if the site is secure.
Verisign or https in address as well as the little
padlock logo on your browser.

- Delivery/turn around times. Are you ordering already produced clothing or does the item need to be made? Also ask if they are dropshippers. Drop shippers don’t hold stock on hand, the garment will actually come direct from wholesaler/manufacturer.

The main piece of advice I can offer is trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right don’t go ahead, and remember its your money so you have the right to ask questions about your purchase. If your looking for good stores to start with I highly recommend the following places as I’ve had very good experiences with service and stock sent to me.
Mode Merr
Gallery Serpentine
Pinup Couture
Lip service
What Katie Did
Bonnie Rose

So jump online and have a look beyond your fence at what the big wide world has to offer. Happy Shopping!


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