Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Party Crisis

Right people thinking caps on! I have to attend 2 work Christmas parties over the next fortnight and I'm having a dress crisis! The first one at least is going to be full of people embracing their won personal style so I will be going retro or goth. The only real challenge here is figuring out what exactly to wear.

The second, and in my mind scary one, is the major work party I'll be attending which has a theme!!!! Our theme is JUNGLE! Ok so not that bad I hear you say, but I don't own leopard print and I don't want to go dressed as Tarzan or Jane. Basically I need to find the perfect outfit that embraces my style and the theme I guess. Plus this work function will include my bosses and staff *insert scary music here* so I still want to be fun but staying true to the real me. Also add to the fact that this is my first Christmas with the company so the pressure is on as I don't really know what the dress standards are like for these events.

So time to put on my Blair Waldorf cap and plan the perfect outfit.


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