Tuesday, November 16, 2010


At the beginning of this week I had both joy and sadness. Firstly the JOY! My darling friends MsKitty and BamBam came down with the wonderful news...THEY ARE ENGAGED!!!! Lets just say I'm over the moon about this and can't wait to help plan the big day as it looks like its going to be held in Melbourne. So there were many hugs, tears of happiness and lots of talking as soon as we caught up.

The sad part is the reason of the trip. BamBam has got a job working in Tassie (joy) but this means MsKitty and he will be apart for the first 6 months (sad) or so until her life up north is all packed up before she joins him. So we had to pack up BamBam and put him on the boat to Tassie. It was like being in a movie as the tears flowed during the goodbye and the two of us yelling we love him and waving goodbye from beside the boat. This was one of the most emotional goodbyes I've ever been part of as the love they share is amazing and you can't help but feel the passion and love that surrounds them.

So we send all our love and well wishes to BamBam as he sets forth in setting up their new life in the land of Tassie.


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