Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fat Freddy's Drop Live at the Forum Melbourne

Sorry dear readers for the long radio silence. However I am glad to report I'm back!

Friday night finally came. Yep thats right the long awaited FAT FREDDY'S DROP concert. I've been counting down for months for this and finally at 8pm on friday the 26th the doors of the Forum Theater opened for all us fans.

With a great opening act to really get us in the mood it was no surprise it was a great night. It was one of those weird but cool nights. I saw staff member and their mates which was funny when I was introduced as "this is my boss", a funny statement to me when I'm out of uniform. I knew they were going, in fact this staff member was the one who actually let me know about the concert. So a big shout out to Hobbs for the heads up and what turned out to be my fav concert of the year.

However what was a complete surprise was seeing an old mate who I haven't seen in months. It was one of those see you across a crowded room, steal glances and see if its the right person. Then after the first act he made his way over and it was catch up time. It was fantastic to share the music and whats been going on in our lives over the last 6 months.

So my overall review. FANTASTIC NIGHT! cool music, surprise friends catch up, awesome location and finally got to see a band I love LIVE! Which makes me want to remind you all to take the chance and get out there in this big wide world. Even if you have to go alone you never know who'll you meet once your out there.


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