Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Guests

I've spoken about making your guests feel at before, but this I thought I'd speak about keeping your sanity while they are here. Why this topic you may ask? In all honesty I've been feeling a bit like I live in a hotel the last month and its not slowing down.

So far I've had MsLele, Mr Noisewater, Mr Miki as well the 2 Mr G's. Plus I've still got Miss Kitty, BamBam, Kendiedoll and Modman to come visit over the next month. Now I'm more than excited to see everyone but what do you do when you seem to have guest, after guest, after guest. And at one logistical nightmare time I actually had one leave and four arrive!

The first thing to save everyone wondering "what's up" be honest about what's going on. Tell your people that you've had lots of people staying so you may be a bit on the back foot when it comes to thinking of new things to do. However do remember that just because you've already cooked that 'famous meal of yours' for the last few guests its the current guests first time.

Secondly make sure you let your guests know that although they me on holiday if you are still working that you will need to honor those commitments. Be sure to let them know what nights will be good for you for a night. For instance I have to specific days off each week so there are two nights that I can go out with no clock watching.

Thirdly, and most importantly, have time to yourself. Again honesty is the best option, let your guests know that you need some 'wind down time after work'. I often tell my house guests that I often need half and hour to turn off my work mind and relax, so if they can give me that time to get changed and have some space I'll be even better to be around. For instance when MsLele stays we have a routine of who ever gets home first makes sure there is a glass of wine ready for the other. We then also give each other 30 mins to 'relax' then we 'regroup' for a night of fun and chatting. It works for us.


Martin said...

Hi Tiki

Like your comments on guests -for them it's a holiday but for you its also work. job commitments and domestic duties still have to be done.
Just tell em what you want to do.. and also agree with time alone and personal space. You cannot have the energy to finance and entertain all the open and honest and tell them it would help me a lot if you ...did ...cook clean wash ..whatever. After all just a normal average hotel room in Melbourne costs over $100 per night plus meals .A little help with groceries and taking you out or cooking a meal would help. A guest donation to the household "Kitty" Jar would help a lot. After all you too have bills to pay.

We will try to do as much as we can to help on our visit and do not expect to be fed and waited on we will help as much as we can to make it easy for you so do not worry about us we will take care of ourselves and you too .LUVxxx
Don't keep the hosts up late. It doesn't matter how long it has been since you last saw them, or how many exciting stories you have to tell them. Let your hosts get to bed for a decent night's rest. You may be feeling so excited at seeing them that you don't even notice your own exhaustion from traveling, so it will benefit you to go to bed at a reasonable hour, too. Likewise, don't sleep in and make your host family tiptoe around you. Be considerate. Bring your own earphones for listening to music or for watching TV, so as not to disturb your host, who may prefer some quiet time, or doesn't share your appreciation for music or certain TV shows.

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