Friday, November 12, 2010

Decorating at home

Sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself. Apart from the normal indulgence in shoes, clothing and handbags in can also bring a smile to your face when you bring something home to brighten up your house. Now you can hit the flea markets, jump online or even make what you after yourself. However sometimes its so much fun to have a package arrive with your name on it and some new goodies from overseas. This is where Crumpet and Skirt come in.

Lets start with a few cushions for the sofa or even the bedroom. How about an ivory cushion with a close up of the feisty redheaded Maureen. It measures 28 x 38 cm with a concealed zip at the bottom edge and has a duck feather pad.

Veronica brings a new meaning to the Tease Maid! She won’t do the washing up but might encourage the chaps to help. If not she certainly cheers up the kitchen. 100% Cotton Tea Towel. (Height: 81 cm x Width: 48 cm)

Or how about a bit of a sneak peak of Kim...The classic Blonde. Seen from the outside, the mug is virginal white bone china, but tip it up for a slurp of tea and there's a saucy pin up waiting for you at the bottom.

Oh dear I think I better make space for the new treats!!!!


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