Sunday, December 20, 2009

this is your final call

sitting in at the net kiosk in the airport terminal just killing a bit of time before I hop the flight to qld. Its at times like this is makes me think of how air travel, or travel in general, has changed. No longer do we dress for the occasion.

However I know there are a few ladies out there who still do. But I must admit walking into the terminal in matching outfit and luggage in heels did create a few turned heads this morning. Or it could be that I was doing this at 7am. I admit it wasn't full make up but at 5.30 am its hard to focus in the mirror without a massive quanity of cofffee.

I will up load images later when I get the chance.....coz I have a few goodies.

So what does this christmas season have in store for Ms Tiki Doll, so far it's work with a little bit of down time. Watch this space for more news.

Must dash....will update once landed


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