Tuesday, May 8, 2012


How do you get me to fall in love even more with Felicia Day and steampunk?  COMBINE THEM!!!!  After watching this weeks episode of the flog (yep I'm addicted and can't wait till i get home on a tuesday night to see whats up) I have had to hide my wallet so I don't go shopping crazy at Clockwork Couture.

So after watching Felicia it was time to hit the  Clockwork Couture website and wow I'm so glad I did.  The clothing is amazing but it doesn't stop there look at this.....

How amazing is this glycerin based soap  and its a  truly a Clockwork Couture exclusive. This rust colored soap is infused with your choice of oils made for Clockwork Couture by an independent blender using any one of our oils.  Skeleton key is vintage and unique. Style will vary. No animal products used.  Soap is packaged in gift worthy label and bag.

Looking for more than just soap and clothing how about these wonderful rings!!!!  

Maybe your after the the Hi-voltage Toric Generator Ring (left); or how about the Dr Von Rosenstein's Induction Principle Ring (centre) or maybe your after something a bit more dainty with the Tea Cup ring. Well lets just say I so want to jump on a plane right now and go shopping.

It really makes me smile to see how many people out there are still making beautiful pieces of clothing that really are pieces of art.  Ok I know your all just scrolling down the pages for the corsets, so here you go with a couple of my favourites.

Sweet heart Overbust pattern perfect for long ,medium & short torso female.  I just adore the Antique metal clasp opening and the Tan Faux Leather trim with antique metal chain with button.  It even includes 6 suspender loops at the bottom. 

Created for Clockwork Couture us by one of the most amazing corsettiere's I've seen in ages.   This is a high quality tight lacing corset suitable for extended wear. Exclusively for Clockwork Couture, an underbust corset made of cotton denim with hand-sewn soutache on the tails.

Ok so get that steampower pumping and check out this amazing site.  I dare you....


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