Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gothic Lolita

I've always had a weakness for fashion that's a little left of center; and after attending a Cosplay a few weekends ago my love of Gothic Lolita styles is back. Now I just have to figure out how to work in into my daily outfit; not such an easy thing when your stuck wearing a dull uniform most days at work.

So what to do?????  All I can think right now is add small elements that make me smile and don't freak out my customers.  Oddly enough I don't think many customers see me more than a body behind a counter trying to take their money but I'll have a whinge about that another day LOL

However they do seem to notice my nails alot.  Maybe cause I talk a lot with my hands or maybe its because they hate handing over money to me for my skills/products/time.  So I think this is a good place to start.  Currently I have purple glitter tips on my nails which get a comment most days as the sparkles often catch the light in the store.  Maybe its time to up the stakes with some ultra cute pink detailed nails like these (see left), now to just add some skulls into the pattern. 
Or how about this stunning black and purple from the ultra cool and inspiring Nailside blog. Just looking at these designs on this site makes me want to spend the night following the great instructions and get painting. At least this is one thing that doesn't seem to fall under the 'dress code' of my uniform, and yes I have gone through the dress code handbook looking for 'standards' on the small things like nail/hair colour and jewelery.
From Nailside

Right now the idea of dying my hair deep blood red or dark purple/navy is really calling to me.  Hence this pic is really calling to me at the moment.  Its really speaking to me and I can't get this image out of my mind.  So far the plan tomorrow night after work is to chill out with a glass of wine and put my hair in curlers.  Which means no visitors please, nobody needs to see me in that state.  

Ok step one me thinks....I'll let you know how that goes.  Next step I think might have to be some gothic hello kitty style in my accessories, nothing to over the top at this point but enough to stop me feeling so vanilla in this world.  

Which does remind me of a post that hopefully (if I can get all my thoughts in order) will go up later this week.  Now I'm not ashamed of loving a good montage; you know those ones where girl tries on lots of stuff, has her make up done and hair changed - with no thought of the credit card debit- and ends up all sparkles and beautiful.  This has lead me to start watching a few of those 'what not to wear' style shows and as much as I love a good make over its left me feeling like they just want us to conform to the same 'on every rack' of dressing that can stifle your creativity.  Personally some of my style icons are the gals out there who ignore the trends and wear what makes them happy, which of course leads me back to the whole dressing style in parts of japan, USA, Aust and UK.  

Ok I'm getting off track but I think its time to start digging through my wardrobe and find the starting point for tomorrow or maybe friday's 'new' work outfit.  So watch this space as I embrace more of what i love.

Oh yeah and if any clothing stores like VnV, One day in Paradise, Wildlocks, Clockwork Couture etc wanna help me go through a movie style make over drop me a line and I'm there in your professional hands


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