Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm the One That's Cool

No secret here that I consider myself a bit geeky.  Sure if you saw me at super nova I was the one in the purple wig dressed as Gaz you would agree.  What you may not of know is while walking around the convention I was listening to one of my new fav songs "I'm the one that's cool" performed by the Guild.

If your not sure what I'm talking about I highly suggest you check out the Guild or Geek and Sundry channels to see some of the best vids on all things geek.  Plus thanks to Xbox many years ago this was where I first discovered the great web series The Guild about a bunch of MMO gamers. 

All of this introduced me to one of the most amazing gals; My geek goddess Felicia Day.  Felicia is not only stunning but she has a real understanding of what its like to be a girl gamer/geek, and thanks to her writing has helped show that were are more than just a stereotype.

Over the last few years the Guild web series has spread from just a few of us knowing to 100,000's of us logging on each week to watch the adventures of the guild.  Now we also get the joy of listening to vlogs about every thing geek.  Hence I thought I would share.

As always in this world of the independent media please support with the simple act of subscribing or even donating to this channel.

Just one more thing before I sign off, below are my favorite lyrics in this song.

Got my comics
got my games
all the things you thought were lame
Got my Cosplay
Fan fic too
Got you pegged as DFU


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