Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is just a little rant because honestly I could go on for hours if I'm not careful.

Basically I'm confused and angry that in the past week I have come across many of the big department stores with their Christmas departments already set up. Now I come from a generation where Christmas was this magical once a year thing. Yes that's right for the month of December the normal retail world was transformed into a sparkling world of glitter and childish glee. I also come from the belief that this magical transformation was to start after Melbourne Cup at the very earliest which is the first week of November. So you can imagine my outrage to find a christmas department set up before Melbourne Cup (nov), halloween (oct) and AFL grand final (sept).

Poor Kendiedoll had to listen to me vent my frustration on this subject the other week and now I am writing to ask you all to please hold off on the Christmas spirit for just a little longer. Simply as each year the festive season in stores seems to be creeping forward each year. Soon they will never take it down. So for this Christmas I'm asking Santa to give retail planners a calendar with the correct dates for holidays marked in it.


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