Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jubly-Umph Orginals

While on one of my many days around town I came across some stunning local made pieces. I adore hand made art work especially when I can wear it around town and get people asking about it. According to their website Jubly-Umph 'artworks are inspired by old school tattoos, rockabilly and pin ups. The original designs are made into jewellery using polystyrene plastic, resin and stainless steel.' So it wasn't really a hard decision for Mikii and I if we were going to purchase a couple of pieces; in fact the hardest choice was which one. Oh and yes this is a massive to hint to anyone who needs a present idea for me.

The piece that came home with us was this green bottles featuring a skull. Created from an original Jubly-Umph illustration this pendant is coated in glossy resin and comes with a stainless steel chain. I just adore this and was sad to have to say goodbye as it was given to a dear friend of ours.

However I did keep this piece for myself. I just adore it and admit it is the perfect broach to wear with almost any outfit, plus when its not part of my out fit I have been wearing it on my bag, scarf or pretty much anywhere I can pin it. But now let me show you some of the items on my wish list

Sweater guards - a must for any lady wearing a twin set

Hot Red Metal Flake Hair Bow - Perfect for everyday at work

Be Mine Pin Up Girl Necklace - do I even need to put a reason why I want this.

So jump online now and get shopping with these amazing pieces that you know you need and want!!!!!


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