Friday, September 23, 2011

Style Icons

It's not very often you drop into the shops to pick up some milk and cookies and find some dresses you would tackle a burly security guard for. However this is exactly what I found last night at Chadstone Shopping centre. In fact what I found was an exhibition of some of the clothing from MAD MEN!!!! Yep thats right Mad Men costumes so close you can almost touch.

Just in case your not a local to the Chadstone shops I'll share some pictures of what I found. Ok so its not a big exhibition but it does feature some great pieces from the wardrobe of Peggy Olsen, Betty Draper and the amazing Joan Harris.

See what I mean, how cool is this!! I did find it quiet refreshing to see such stunning gowns even if I was surrounded by mass produced modern pieces. It was funny as I did imagine these garments a little more fitted, but it does go to show its all about the woman in the dress and that we don't all need to be the same to make clothing look wonderful.

And have a look at the wonderful barbie dolls. It did almost make me want to take my collectors edition 1950 barbie out of the box and re-dress her ass Joan. Its ok the craziness didn't make me do it.

And just a couple more of the great gowns worn by Peggy. I so wish I had these outfits to wear at work instead of my uniform. Oh well time to day dream.

So keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you will find when you go out for milk and cookies!!!


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