Saturday, September 17, 2011

Snapshots of a day off

Now its no surprise to those that know me that I always seem to be working. However my best friend Mikii and I actually managed to plan and execute a full day off together. Not bad since we live in different states, and the last time we actually had 24 hours off together in the same state was about a year ago. So just to prove we actually did it I thought I'd post some of the pics from our much needed day off.

We started the day at Zappa, a great little coffee shop in South Melbourne where the coffee is wonderful and the staff are even better.

Not to mention they have the same sense of humor as us, so it was a major plus. Once we were full of coffee, juice and the best bacon and egg sandwich I've ever had it was time to hit the road. First stop was to chapel street for some much needed window shopping which was were I found these.....

Now if I can only convince my boss that this is ok as our dress standards say black or white trainers. In my opinion it works, and the Hello Kitty feature just helps to express that we are fun and approachable. Well we'll see how that argument goes down. So from Chapel it was time to stroll down Greville street one of the best side streets in Prahran where you can find almost anything thats a bit left of centre.

So once Mikii was loaded up with quiet a few vinyl records it was time to hit my all time fav retro inspired stores. ROUTE 66!!! Now I was only going to look but when I stumbled upon a sample dress suit for $100 that fit, well there was no way it wasn't coming home; and as Mikii said "if you don't buy it I'm buying it for you!!!" And what do you know it ended up coming home. Not to mentioned so did a few other gems as we found a couple of great presents for people we know. I will post the shots of what we got in a few days.
Next we hit Chapel Street Bazzar one of the best places to find weird, old, funky and pretty much anything you could ever want. Mikii picked up a few more records and I found a great Keith Wessner print. No its no surprise that I jumped at the chance to pick up a Wessner to add to my slowly growing collection, in fact it was hard for us to leave with only 1 find about restraint. Ok so maybe the rumble in our tummy's had a little something to do with it.
So we rested our little feet while having Yum Cha and a Fruit tingle ice tea. Its a hard life but someone has to do it. What can I say I'm addicted to their duck pancakes.
Then on the way to the car with had to stop in and have a look at what can only be described as 'Guidowear'. As much as I would of loved to see Mikii wearing a screen printed shirt covered in bling he passed on the shirts and we headed to our next destination.
Now Mikii and I are no stranger to Ackland Street but we do love finding new street art, which is why I just had to post this great shot. I adore the melbourne street art scene as its always changing and you never know what you will find. Not to mention having just introduced my new friend MrC (Mikii's bf) to what treasures we have in Melbourne it has really refreshed me.

And of course we had to stop and have trampoline icecream to refresh ourselves before our biggest treat of the day. A full 1 hour massage from Sole sisters. As Mikii and I both work in jobs that require us to be on our feet for 10 hours plus per day we figured this was practically a business expense. So full of ice cream we relaxed......

Once we were fully relaxed and in all honesty we were so relaxed the two of us had trouble forming sentences, which was so funny. To finish the day off we had just one more coffee on Ackland St and then headed home to get changed for dinner and a VIP shopping night.

I know what your all thinking..."how do you guys do it?" well the simple truth is "some one has too". So for all the doubters that we actually take time off, now you have proof.


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