Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Addicted to FREE apps

Now its no secret I'm addicted to my iphone4 which also means I have become addicted to the Apps I can put on it. Sure most of my apps are photo related but I thought I'd let you in on some of the ones I'm using day to day.

First up is my Woolworths app. No you may be thinking you already have a shopping list app but this one is fantastic. I adore this one for so many reasons including:
- It lets me know whats on special
- I can create shopping lists for each mood i.e basics, girl stuff, yummy dinners, guests
- I can either add products by typing in the product name or by scanning the barcode. For me thats great because if I find a sauce I like I often forget the name so as long as I scan the barcode before throwing it out I can always find it again
- It gives me yummy cooking ideas and adds the items I need to my shopping list
-I have mine set up for my local store so it tells me exactly which aisle I can find everything, so no more wandering up and down aisles getting lost
- its FREE to download!!!!

The OPI app
Ever sat on your lunch break and wondered what colour you want to paint your nails? Well now with the OPI app you can sit, drink your latte and play with all the colours without having to move.
With this app you can test out all the colours from all the collections, which also update each time you open the app. Plus you can add your fav's to the list so you will never forget which colour you just had painted on at the nail salon. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!
Plus its another FREE APP!!!

And last but not least TramTracker. This is another great free app if you live in melbourne as it tells you how long till the next tram, journey planner, where the trams are going and so much more. I have found this app extremely useful when in the CBD and trying to figure out how to get to the football and other events.

So if you have an iphone or an android phone start looking at these great free apps for a helpful hand each day


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