Monday, July 23, 2012

Walking home and I saw....

You never know what you can find when your walking home from walk and last night was no exception.  I am a big fan of window shopping as the right window can inspire a new look or at the very least get you to walk into a store you may of never considered before. 

As we head towards the warmth of spring here in Melbourne we are starting to see the first burst of 'happy colors' hit our stores.  I am so glad to see so many pastels hitting our designs that breath new joy into a wardrobes.  These shots were taken as I walked past Forever New and its clear to see that there are still lots of vintage inspired pieces are coming back again with beautiful soft color touches such as the above felt 1940's style hats and quilted ballet flats.  I think a trip instore might be needed for me tomorrow.

Oh no there goes more of my wages *giggle*, so keep your eyes peeled.  


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