Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel

With the conclusion of the San Diego Comic Con I thought I would share the 10th anniversary of the Firefly panel held during the convention.  If your not sure what Firefly is well in basic terms think post apocalyptic space western LOL.  Most people will know the writer and creator from the series Buffy the vampire hunter, angel and Dollhouse or even the latest movie the Avengers.  Sadly the series was cancelled by USA tv during the first season, however due to the love of the fans the Firefly team managed to get a feature length film made.  Ten years later and the love for this series and the cast is still strong out there in the sci fi community thanks to the fans who share and support this project.  

I really suggest you grab it on DVD as you will fall in love with the blend of western with space as the setting.  Not to mention there are some great outfits to cosplay for first timers; and yes I have a few cosplay outfits I'm putting together from this show - now I just need a few good pals to help me with a full cast list in cosplay.  

So sit back and watch as it will make you see just how much the fans do mean to the writers, creators and actors of all those TV/movies out there.


Modman said...

Captain Tight pants and the crew still popular after all those years ...time like a space ship flys ...

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