Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forever Dreaming

Right now is a pretty exciting time for fashion as you can pick up some great winter items as well as some pieces that will take you right through the year.  On one of my many window shopping trips this month I somehow found myself being drawn into the high street fashion store Forever New. 

Personally these days while shopping I am looking for key pieces that will last so cut and quality are my main focus.  I've found that when you pick up the right pieces from here your investment will be worth it.  For instance my favorite long winter jacket is from here.  At the time it was around the $150 mark but has now lasted me 2 winters and I still get comments of the wonderful cut and styling of it, so in my eyes well worth it.  Hopefully this winter I'll be able to add to the collection as I'm looking for modern pieces with that vintage style.  Its about the cut and fabric for me this winter.

So for now I thought I'd share a few of my 'lust-have' pieces.  

Lucy Strapless Prom Dress
Mia Striped 2 in 1 Dress
Rhianna Velvet Trim Coat
As you can tell by these pieces I'm looking for that classic female silhouette which can be dressed up or down depending on mood and situation. There are loads more beautiful pieces in your local store and online at Forever New, so jump online and have a look as your bound to find something that makes you smile.  Just remember the golden rule to fashion - TRY IT ON - as you always want to make sure your investment pieces will be worth the time and effort, and trust me its about fit.

Fashion goes out of style but Style never goes out of fashion.


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