Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm not a massive food photographer but I thought I'd give you a couple of my first attempts of food pics and also show you a couple of yummy treats from around Melbourne.

1. A beautiful double shot latte from Yellowbird on Chapel St

2. My Fav dinner of "grand young tofu" from The Grand Tofu in Glen Waverly. This is a great dish for under $10 where you get to choose your soup (curry or broth), choose your noodles and then 6 yummy extras. I usually go for a variety of wontons, dumplings and spring roll style wraps. This is one of Mikii, Vustoxn, Phate and my favourite Melbourne treats.

3. Pho from I love Pho in richmond. Another great dish for under $10 where you get meat and noodles in a broth, a plate of various green veg and bean shoots to add to your taste and then choose your spice level with various chillis and sauces you get to add. Great thing is everyone at your table can order the same dish but depending on what you add and your tastebuds each dish will be different. A yummy treat for Belatrix, Ms Mel and myself on our girls catchup nights.


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