Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Panda

Its no secret that I have a geeky side, probably doesn't help that I work in a very geeky work place 5 days a week. However everynow and the something really makes me smile in the tech world, and this week its a new Ipod dock that I found. Yep its an ipod dock in the shape of a panda!!!!

Sure I already have an ipod dock in my study that works perfectly well doesn't look like a panda. I'm still yet to test out the sound on this cutie but I have a feeling it may be coming home anyway and my dull ipod dock can go live in the guest room. Surely that's enough justification????? Hey if your going to have a house full of technology it might as well make you smile as well as be practical.


Modman said...

Nice panda how is the sound

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