Monday, November 14, 2011

new office

So the panda ipod dock got me dreaming about a new office; and a quick trip to Ikea for tealights may have got me inspired. Shame by bank account won't fund a whole new look office. Hey a girl can dream though. Which is why I thought I'd post some pick of my new dream office. Basically it would include a cool funky new desk, file cabinet and just cause its a dream a day bed for those times I don't feel like sitting at desk. Not sure if I'd copy this room and go with pink, but its a good starting base.

All this dreaming of new offices got me to also daydreaming for the other rooms in my house as right now they are all a bit bland and don't really have a vibe. The joys of working as much as I do and not really having the budget to do a makeover in the little time I have to myself.

So far themes that have attracted me are "marie antoinette" and "burlesque pinup boudoir". Not sure how my guests would feel sleeping in these rooms, but hey each to their own. Every girl has to dream I guess.


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