Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shopping with my boys

Ok it was just a matter of time before Mikii, Vustoxn and I ended up at Chapel st bazzar on their last trip down. Not to mention the fact that I'm hunting for inspiration for my guest bedroom, as I said in earlier posts I'm tossing up between "marie antoinette" and "burlesque pinup boudoir". Funnily enough the boys like the pinup better and since their my mine guests I will take that in mind.

What was cool was while looking for a new piece or two for our collections we found some great inspiration for a combination of both styles. Which made me figure I'd share a couple of snaps. Now just to figure how to get this all back into the house????


Modman said...

Nice pics Chapel Street is still an interesting place.Quirky beats cool .

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