Friday, January 15, 2010

hundreds of colours of thread

Ever spend a whole weekend looking for that perfect dress or outfit. Well if your like me you have, not to mention since my taste is a little left of centre it makes it a bit harder. So a few days ago I decided to start pattern hunting because lets face it if you can't find make it.

And joy I found a few projects for this doll to sink her teeth into. Sure I know have to fix up the sewing machine and find fabrics....oh yeah figure out to fit this all together without a dummy (yes next purchase on the list) I must admit the image above I think i need to make about 20 of these in various fabrics because she is the ultimate all rounder design for me.

I think these would be great in so many fabrics and worn day to day. As well as the added ruffle of some tulle in the underskirt.

I'm thinking these for work, the coats will be great for Melbourne winters and great little suits.

I just adore these ones to, plus I can add the these to my other collection of 50's patterens.

Ok so now to find fabric and get sewing. Watch this space for updates


madame b fatale said...

I don't know how you'll decide which to make first! They are all fabulous!!!

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