Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt1

After having writers block for the last few months I have decided to take up the 30 day song challenge, however in an effort not to bombard you all with a thousand clips in will be 30 songs in 60 days. As you all know I adore music so these songs are just a small collection because for certain themes I could go for days. So to start.....

1. My favourite Song (well right now anyway)
Emily Browning - Asleep

I fell in love with this song after seeing Suckerpunch starring one of my favourite Melbourne Actress' Emily Browning. Needless to say when I found out that Emily also sang most of the songs on the album I was even happier. This song is actually a cover of a Smiths song, (from Louder than Bombs - I think)another band I have recently discovered and love but more about that later. So why is it my favourite (at the moment at least), it easy...because it is beautiful, haunting and speaks to me in ways that I can't actually describe. Emily's version just seems to have another level to it that just makes you fall in love and break your heart at the same time. So enjoy.


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