Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SLAM - save live australian music

Image from http://www.thevine.com.au

Ok so this is music/art and not lingerie but people we need to speak up and save the world again.

http://www.slamrally.org/ Please go and sign the petition to help us save the small venues for muso's out there.

Why do I care?
this is why I love melb (my home town) you can feel the life of this city pulse through every element. A place where art is art, music is expression and each of our souls feels a little richer for being here. Sure melb won't come to you, you have to go to her but once you do you will never be turned away. LONG LIVE MELB ART AND MUSIC! as long as we stand up for ourselves we can never be put down.

Image from http://www.thevine.com.au

I grew up surrounded by artists, muscian's, dancers, actors, doco makers. They were the side of the family that inspired me. So to think that people that i know and love could not make their art kills me. Not to mention the world of music has brought so many amazing artists like Amanda Palmer, Tom Waits, Paul Kelly, Ani Difranco, Peter Gabriel, TZU, Barry Michael, Fat drop freddy's ok this list could go on awhile. Needless to say my life is better for music it heals when I'm hurt, express my joy and finds the words I need when I struggle to speak.

"Every song as a you. A you that the singer sings to, and baby your it this time"
- Ani Difranco

Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls at the rally in Swanston Street. Photo: Justin McManus

Another great posting by one of my muse's Amanda Palmer about SLAM

So PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND SIGN - this is not just about melb, this is every part of Australian Live Music. If the 70k of us can do it you can too. We just started yelling out first! *i think*


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