Saturday, November 14, 2009

Around town in the heat

In this heat I am trying to find cool places. Sadly in seems to be my car that is the safe haven, due to the wicked aircon i've got installed.

This heat of course poses a few problems. Not to mention general stickyness, but its the daily issue of "damn I wanted to wear that stupid too hot heat"

So I have broken out all the cute little black numbers I can find, and now get to play dress dressup.

At least I can still have tea, ok so its iced now but its still yummy. I've recently been hanging out at a cute little place perfectly named Planet Chocloate where I can indulge in my fav teas as well as crepes. I can't think of anything better than a crepe with ice cream and hot melted chocolate.

So after surviving 34 degree heat here in Melbourne my best advice is to break out those swimmers. pack a picnic and head down to the beach. My buddies and i have been heading down the St. Kilda and Brighton way in the early evening for some sunset fun and merriment. We can highly recommend this, especially when you can have a quick dip to cool off then head back to the shore for some crackers and dips


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