Monday, June 22, 2009

Pass The Popcorn

Its time to brave the cold winter air and head to the cinemas. Not for the lastest big block buster action movie but for the much anticipated Coco Avant Chanel Rating PG Release 25 June 09


Audrey Tautou (THE DAVINCI CODE, AMELIE) plays the legendary "Coco" Chanel in an enthralling exploration of her early life before she rose to worldwide fame as the most celebrated fashion designer of the 20th Century. We meet the young Gabrielle Chanel, illegitimate daughter of a travelling salesman who learns to sew in a Catholic orphanage before following her singing ambitions lead her to a cabaret club. It is here where Chanel earns the nickname 'Coco' and also where she catches the eye of several high society gentlemen who would ignite her passion and become instrumental in the development of her remarkable career.

From director Anne Fontaine (NATHALIE), Coco Avant Chanel is the fascinating untold story of how one woman rose from humble beginnings to become one of couture’s most important icons.


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