Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Burlesque Britain

As a lover of the vintage era lingerie it will be no surprise that I love Burlesque, so when reading the following information its clear why I had to help spread the word.

Below is from www.burlesquewomensinstitute.com

The BWI has been watching the development of the SEEL (Sexual Encounter Entertainment License) over the last several months with some trepidation and as it has now been thrust into the limelight by Camden Council, we now feel it is high time that we sprang into action and got our campaign under way.

The UK burlesque scene stands to be severly threatened by these impending changes which could herald the end of something we all love so much and for many of us is not only a way of life but our careers.

All we are looking for is an amendment to the bill that allows the removal of clothing as a performance as long as it does not result in nudity, and any establishments hosting an event with such parameters be exempt from the requirement to purchase a SEEL license.

The license has not yet reached the final steps to be passed through parliament but we need to highlight how a loop hole in the act could affect us, here are some of the ways in which you can get involved and support our campaign;

Sign the online government petition [read more...]

Print a copy of our paper petition for your club, event or night [read more...]

Contact your local MP [read more...]

Take part in our public demonstration [read more...]

Come to our "Reverse Burlesque" night in Camden [read more...]

Spread the word [read more...]

It's time to walk in the footsteps of our past,
the Luftwaffe didn't stop Mrs Henderson!,
so gird your stiff upper lip, join in the fighting spirit
and sign up to our campaign

Where can you go to support
"Revudeville" Fundraiser - 12th July 2009

We have been informed by our friends at Camden Council that any event involving stripping, nudity, has the word "Burlesque" in it's title or anything in the style of Dita Von Teese, will require a "Sexual Encounter Entertainment License" so we have decided to create our very own non burlesque revue in honour of Camden Council.

"Proud" Camden will be our hosts for a glittering evening where you will be delighted and dazzeled by a fine selection of performers from the UK cabaret scene, and some of the most beautiful displays of women getting dressed you wil have ever seen.

So come and join us for and evening of light hearted "Reverse Burlesque" which will stay strictly within the bounds of Camden Councils requirements.

Acts are still being confirmed but we can let you in on breaking news that our fabulous headling acts will be Jo King and Gwendoline Lamour!!!

from www.burlesquewomensinstitute.com


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