Monday, April 30, 2012


I have been a mac gal since '81 so its but no stretch of the imagination I have an iPhone.  It may sound cliche but my iPhone is more than a phone its....everything to me.  It lets me keep in touch, entertains me when I get bored on train rides, knows my fav songs and even guides me when I'm lost.

With all this in mind I thought I'd share a few of my current favorite apps in no particular order

Make Up For Ever Professional

Looking for hints, tips or inspiration?  Then this might be the app for you.  Not only can u find new styles you would like to try it also includes little videos so you can see exactly what to do.  It may not be the bible for beauty but it does offer a bit more fun and holds your hand when you want to experiment with new looks.
Public Transport Victoria

If you live in melbourne this is a must; especially as it covers trams, trains and buses.  This has come in very handy while out on adventures as you can plan your journey including any walking that may need to be done.  You also have access to maps so you can see what bus or train line your on.  Another great feature is the next 5 function for trams, a perfect to see which trams are coming and if they are useful to you.  Overall for a free app its really great.

Draw Something

Most likely you have already heard or even played this app.  I picked it up for 99c on a bargain weekend and it has been a good time killer.  Only downside is waiting for your friends to respond with their drawings.  It will make you laugh and at times wonder what goes on in your friends mind when their drawing.  

Guitar Hero

If you ever played the game on your gaming console you will already understand why you can loose hours of your life playing this.  Sadly there are only a few songs that come with the base package however its enough to get you playing.  For me its also a great chance to hear songs I may not have heard before.    


Yet another free app which I actually needed to download a few weekends ago, as opposed to my "this looks cool" app downloading.  Why I needed this you may be asking; simply it was my guide to the recent Supanova event I attended.  This was the best thing I have ever had when going to an event as it included a full day by day schedule which I could then specify what items I was attending.  As well as maps, information about the sessions, transport and pretty much everything you could need to attend.  I really hope more conventions use the application here in Aus as it really helped me navigate all seminars, photos and shopping.


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