Saturday, October 16, 2010

A bit of girl time

With the Spring racing season in full swing Ms Leelee and I decided to make good use of our days off and hit the shops. Our first port of call was Chaddy to do the basics and of course hit Koko Black for some much needed chocolate. Yes we did end up finding a dress and shoes, however we were on a mission for lingerie and tops. So with a goal in mind it was off to chapel street.

This was a dangerous plan as it ended up. So we ended up in my favorite lingerie store on chapel Bendon, and spent a large time trying all they had to offer. I'm such a sucker for pretty lace things but sadly walked out empty handed. Anyway with a mission in mind we hit the rest of the shops and did find some bargains including a stunning lace retro dress from the local St Vinnies store. At a $1 it would of been a crime to leave it there.

We even ended up at the Chapel street Bazzar and look at this stunning dress below. I admit it was very hard to walk away from but it was just a bit to much.

So with arms full of shopping and tired feet we headed home. Overall a good day and I managed to show another interstate buddy the joys of melbourne shopping!


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