Thursday, September 10, 2009

Todays theme is Maroon, blue and Gold

Ok so this has nothing to do with lingerie or fashion. Well maybe a little fashion, but mostly its football. Tonight Mr and I head out to the hallowed ground of the MCG for AFL Semi finals. Now I admit I am a Brisbane Lion living in melbourne (the home of AFL), so you can only guess at the excitement that greets me this morning as I wake to realise that in a few hours I will be dressing in my AFL finest to scream like a mad woman at the boys.

Brisbane's Michael Voss and wife Donna. Photo: Vince Caligiuri

Top Ten reason for loving the Lions
1) I get to wear awesome gurnsy's at the game

2) You can watch the game while listening to music and have the best music video infront of you

3) You become part of a massive crowd holding their breath as one while we fight for goals

4) You can nickname the players to make it easier to follow. well I find it easier to yell out things like lukey, browny and bloodnut depending on who has the ball. shame some of my fav players have retired so i can no longer yell out "tell them your name pike", Scotty1, scotty2, GBH

5) You can get cool but odd accessories

6) You become part of a massive tribe that can be seen swarming their way to pubs, clubs and the game all day.

7) Triple Premiership - 2001, 2002, 2003

8) Just look at them

9) You get to have a pie, a beer and possible a quater time cornetto at the match

10) The team with special mention to Micahel Voss, Luke Power, Jonathan Brown, Simon Black, Daniel Rich, Daniel Merret, Travis Johnston,


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