Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fight Like a Girl


Thanks to Ms Selma I was given a copy of the new release songs of the amazing Emilie Autumn collection known as F.L.A.G or the full title as Fight Like a Girl. Based on her autobiographical novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorican Girls the album has been described as "an operatic feminist treatise set inside an insane asylum, wherein the female inmates gradually realize their own strength in numbers."  

All I can say is it's amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on the CD with its beautiful artwork.  The music ranges from dark electronic, haunting 18th century harpsichord and almost classical beat-poetry.  I'm not sure how long Australian fans will have to wait for the official release and long awaited tour but when Emilie does return to our shore she will be greeted with joy.  So far I do have a few fav's like "we want them young", "if I burn", 'The Key" and of course "Fight like a girl".  This is a must for all fans.


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