Friday, January 20, 2012

Music Review Time - Barry M

With my hair in rockabilly curls and bright red lips its time that I declare my LOVE for my new album from my favorite Australian Singer Songwriter Barry Michael. Now long time readers will know that my love affair with Barry's music has been a long time thing, ok so I've been a fan since the 1980's but really what's time when your in love.

Well as you can see above I have in my hot little hands a copy of his latest album I Am Your Sky (iTunes) which I do suggest you grab. Why you may ask????? Well because apart from being fabulous (yep major fan here and fingers crossed I can get a chance to tell him this in person) its a great album full of songs that make you want to dance and sing out loud too. There are some wonderful tracks like "can't we get along" that make you want to dance around the house regardless of who's watching. There may be some footage taken by my friends of me dancing around the garden to this song in very 60's style moves. Think Brian Setzer meets Elvis meets Paul Kelly!!!!

Then there are the songs that pull at your heart like "Over You" but not in that sad emo way, more like "I'm sad about this but that's ok" sort of a way. There is something in these tracks that speak more hidden meanings the more you listen to them. As I write this I am listening to the track "I have always loved you" which just makes you smile and want to hug your friends and family.

Oh and the title track "I am your sky" (which is a love song) speaks to me on many levels. Personally I hear it as more than just love of another person, for me its about a love that hides in everything we do. And with that said I will leave you to enjoy the title track of the new release and please jump onto itunes and buy this. SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS!!!!!!


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