Sunday, December 4, 2011

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese

The other day I found out some blissful news to start my 2012 off with a big smile. Target Australia was announced as the exclusive Australian retailer of the upcoming lingerie collection designed by international style icon, Dita Von Teese. *SWOON*

I'm still yet to see any of the designs from the collection which will be in Target stores across Australia from early February 2012 but no doubt with a name like "Von Follies" by Dita Von Teese I am sure they will be amazing. The collection claims to "encapsulates an iconic vintage feel" which includes overwire bras, high waisted briefs, garter belts and lovely corsolettes. Not to mention the range claims to be available up to an E-cup and briefs up to size 20, and prices starting around the $80 mark. Needless to say I am waiting with baited breath and saving my pennies for some major lingerie shopping in the new year. And I promise as soon as I hear or see anymore news I will pass it on to you my dear readers.


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