Friday, December 2, 2011

Some times you just gotta ask.......

Some times you just have to ask yourself WWSD? In other words "what would Sheldon do?". Its no secret that I just adore "the big bang theory" and mostly Dr Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons just because he is such a great comedic actor. Plus working in a very 'geeky' job its nice to see alot of the humor I laugh at each day on tv. Which got me thinking about how I deal with all the odd tech questions I get each day. Now when I get asked something that makes me want to sigh I will just ask "what would Sheldon do?"; ok so the answer isn't always going to work but at least the question makes me laugh and I regain my strength to deal with the questions. So next time you have a tech freak out just ask yourself WWSD LOL


Modman said...

Your mother is brilliant, analytical, insightful -- and I'm betting she never hit you with a Bible because you wouldn't eat your brussels sprouts.

Sheldon brightens up my day Bazinga

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