Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 songs in 60 days challenge pt30

30. A song I'd like to play at my wedding
Alien Like You by The Pigott Brothers

To end my musical journey I thought I'd finish with the song I'd like to play at my wedding. Sure I could pick a classical piece to walk down the aisle to however that wouldn't really be me. In fact the song I would like to hear playing for my first dance with my husband too is one I discovered by accident while watching a tv show called Being Erica. After some digging (thanks Kendiedoll for the shovel LOL) it turns out the the person playing Kai is Sebastian Pigott actually sang this song with his brother when they auditioned for Canadian Idol - not my usual hunting ground for music. These guys are amazing and yes I grabbed the song from itunes and play it alot. So you may be wondering why this song. Simply because it speaks to me about the connection you can find with someone. The connection that creates a spark and love can blossom from. So please sit back, listen and try and imagine me and my future husband (whoever he is) dancing to this surrounded by our friends and family.
Good night and God Bless


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