Friday, August 28, 2009

A little bit cute

Yes thats right I've gone the dreaded c word.....CUTE I have no idea why, but in the last few weeks the desire to put on a floaty frock in honour of Spring has been overwhelming . Don't fear I am sure that I will be back in the pencil skirts soon enough.

Black Wrap Dress Portmans 2008
Cardi Portmans 2008
White Petticoat - Made by C
Promo Shirt & Promo Hair Ribbon

so whats on the cards for today, as you may or may not of guessed I'm heading off to work in this loverly little number. Hopefully I will bring smiles to some and inspire others to get out of the work suit and into a spring number.

Make up is minimal and specially coloured to suit where I'll be working, which thankfully works well in photos as well.

I do love this outfit as it is just the right combination of sweet little girl and vintage princess.

EOD 28th - got loads of really good comments today. This outfit may get into rotation a bit more often this spring


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